Fotografia © HCPDPM
Fotografia © HCPDPM
Fotografia © HCPDPM
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Corporate Headquarters, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited

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Bhat, Ongoing
1-5 pisos

This 2-phase corporate campus is spread over a 5-acre linear site along the Ahmedabad – Dholka highway and provides a built-up area of 16200 sq.m. The client’s brief sought an idyllic campus set in a lush landscape with extensive outdoor views.

Accordingly, the scheme is organized as an ensemble of three detached building clusters conceived as distinct entities, yet as inseparable components of an integrated development. The office cluster comprises seven linear buildings, with interspersed courtyards, radiating from a centrally located pond. The second cluster is designed in a crescent configuration and incorporates community facilities such as a sports centre, a meditation hall, a guest house, an amphitheatre, a guest house, a kitchen and dining area. The third cluster comprises the directors’ offices.

The architectural vocabulary of the campus is simple and austere and derives its richness from the restraint in the variety of forms and spaces, a constant presence of the landscaped exterior spaces and rigorous detailing. Exposed brick and cast in-situ exposed concrete are the primary materials of construction and help to unify its disparate buildings.

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