Flying Elephant Studio

Dr. APJ Kalam Science City

Patna, 2018

Our proposal for Science City endorses a view that application of scientific methods, combined with innovative design thinking, can facil...

Raumdimension Thomas Heim

Portable Sanitäranlage Indien

2016 - Werbebilder für Investoren

Arya Architects

Bus station, Janmarg BRTS

Ahmedabad, 2010

Bus Station for the Ahmedabad BRTS with CEPT University as consultant and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation as client, in one of India&rsqu...

Arya Architects

Mewar Complex

Rajsamand District, 2008

The Mewar complex near Udaipur is a series of memorial and tourism facilities built to commemorate the life of Rana Pratap, the legendary...

CnT Architects

Tata-Dhan Academy

Madurai, 2009

The academy is a management training institute that provides professional education in rural development. In keeping with its mission, th...

CnT Architects

International Flower Auction Center

Bengaluru, 2006

This auction complex has been built to facilitate the export trade in cut flowers. Given the rocky nature of the eucalyptus wooded site a...

Anagram Architects

The Land Customs Station (Indo-Bangladesh…


The Land Custom Station (LCS) at the India-Bangladesh Border at Agartala is a large facility providing transit, customs and immigration a...

DCOOP Architects

SCL Gatehouse


Light and shadows are the key ‘materials’ in the making of this project for a cement manufacturing plant. The building houses multiple di...

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