Planet Fashion

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Blocher Blocher India developed and realised an exclusive shop concept – including facade design – for the world-class Planet Fashion flagship store in Bangalore. The retail company offers an enormous collection of fashion ranging from premium Indian and European brands, denim and casual wear to formal apparel and ethical garments. In prime-locations, a unique shopping ambience and excellent customer service are combined. Blocher Blocher India was able to transfer this diversity and quality standards into high-class architecture and an upscale interior design which both deliver an exceptional shopping experience. Four floors, 1.100 square meters retail space, one classy theme A solitary pylon with the Planet Fashion logo on top in front of the building grabs the passersby’s attention. Then, the new facade with affixed metal strips and striking lateral lighting catches the eye and a marvellous shopping trip is anticipated. A glass cube attached to the back of the building stands for transparency and openness. The continuous ceiling element picks up the metal theme of the facade and by this, links in- and outside. The glazed entrée ranges over two levels and a curved stairway leads up to the first floor. Lounging zones offer the opportunity to rest and get inspiration from the surroundings which amaze with a clear colour scheme. The interior design impresses with variations of grey, beige and cream tones as well as dazzling white walls. To ensure orientation, there are room dividers. These are arranged differently from level to level in order to create various areas and feelings. However, the floors remain stylistically connected and the overall impression is sustained – thanks to the puristic colour range. Blocher Blocher India created a diverse but still consistent flagship store.

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