Van Heusen

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Blocher Blocher India developed and realised a new shop concept on 500 square meters retail space for the premium lifestyle brand Van Heusen in the Ambience Mall in Delhi. Their main values: modernity, timelessness and simplicity. Blocher Blocher India transferred those principles into an overall brand identity and into a new shop design. The motto: Less is more.

The homogenous concept of the store is built on a reduced colour scheme and simple contrasts. Creative elements interrupt and highlight the theme at the same time. There are, for example, wooden strips which are integrated into the display windows. They are readopted in the interior design, too. By using those interruptive elements in- and outside, Blocher Blocher India made sure that consistency as an overall impression is perceived.

A constant colour system, the used materials as well as simple forms and fixtures demonstrate minimalism matching Van Heusen’s understatement. The separate divisions (VH Men, VHWomen, VH Sports) are accentuated by materials, structures and a black-and-white contrast. Whereas the men’s department is kept in elegant black, the areas for women and sports convince in a fresh white. Van Heusen’s young brand “V” distinguishes itself by using contrasting mat and high gloss materials. However, consistency within the divisions and throughout the store is maintained. Other highlights are fashion islands to present seasonal specials and a metallic chess board wall that stresses the unique character of Van Heusen.

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