Front building of the old weaving mill

Bludenz, Austria

As part of Getzner Technics, a business unit of the family-owned company Getzner Textil AG, acunic stands for extremely effective sound absorption with the aid of acoustic fabrics. These fabrics are a functional solution that also meets the most discerning design standards – of architects, interior designers or also acoustics consultants.

Founded 1818 in Bludenz (Austria), Getzner Textil is the world's leading manufacturer of sophisticated African fashion damasks and is one of the most important and experienced suppliers of fashion textiles for shirts and blouses, corporate fashion and also technical textiles.

In the technical textiles area, Getzner offers particularly resilient fabrics for demanding applications. The portfolio, for example, includes special textiles for personal protective equipment, workwear and the outdoor area. The company also develops various fabrics for industrial applications, sports equipment or architectural use.

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Bludenz, Austria