AC Hotel Ambassadeur Juan-les-Pins

Antibes, France
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
© Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Photo © Christian Kretschmar c/o JOI-Design
Interior Designers
50-52, Chemin des Sables, 06140 Antibes, France

The Mediterranean sun, scented pine groves and seaside living coupled with the irresistible rhythms of a soothing jazz melody – all the perfect ingredients for one unforgettable summer evening after the next in the enchanted town of Juan-les-Pins on the French Riviera. Natural materials and colors with a strong regional flavor transport this atmosphere into the hotel’s interior. But ultimately it’s the hotel’s fine accent furnishings that will make a lasting impression.

Guests are welcomed into the hotel by the lobby with its delicate color scheme and sophisticated reception corner clad in crème leather complemented by wood accents in red and brown hues. The same lush teak surfaces adorn the wall backing the reception. Playing on the hotel’s maritime location, the gentle curves spanning these wall panels evoke associations with a ship’s hull. This theme is continued in the table lamps illuminating the corners, whose glass bodies are akin to intertwined mooring lines.
Hotel bars have many roles to play – depending on the time of day, they are a place to relax for five minutes and read a newspaper, somewhere to meet before embarking on the next excursion, a venue for a casual business appointment or a glass or two of wine in good company of an evening.

This bar is a genuine crowd-pleaser that knows its job. It features a variety of seating options, qualities and heights, together with an intelligent lighting concept and a multi-purpose design that will appeal to business and leisure guests alike. Custom design details make for an atmosphere of welcoming sophistication. The suspended light fittings floating above the bar counter make for an eye-catcher with regional flair. Fashioned from delicate crystal flacons, their subdued golden glow illuminates the bar in the evening hours. Modern geometric elements, including the four-part table in the lounge area with its smooth, high-gloss surface and the floor lamp with a lampshade decorated in verdant greenery, underscore the unpretentious character of this first-class design.

Stimulating and relaxing, authentic and fresh – the design concept for a restaurant with the nous to tick these boxes must evoke an ambience with the power to enchant guests as they start their day with a hearty breakfast bathed in the first rays of sunlight or dine on Mediterranean culinary delights with a glass of wine in pleasant company on a summer’s evening.
This light and airy hotel restaurant close to Antibes welcomes guests with an atmosphere that is second to none. Warm, light beige and brown tones define the color scheme, accentuated by green and white elements which tip their hats to the region’s famous pine forests. It is a composition which flatters the eye with both elegant restraint and invigoratingly fresh accents. A glass façade floods the restaurant with light, complemented by indirect illumination mounted in large vaulted cornices. In a modern translation, the matt white chandeliers lend the restaurant a stylish and unobtrusive elegance. With its winning interior, the restaurant is the perfect setting for both casual dining and elegant dinners on special occasions.

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