Arun Patel

Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
Photo © Rajesh Jora
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Space as Luxury – in a Space Starved City A single individual occupying an area of 5000 sft in prime real estate in Tardeo, Mumbai- nothing to show the power of a person more than spaciousness in this city that boasts of the most expensive real estate in the world. The use of basic materials was to show the humility of the individual having so much space to his disposal- besides keeping costs in check.

The brief included for a the project a concept of two offices, where there is a front to the office that is almost mundane, subtle and a high contrast space inside, away from prying eyes, meant only for the select few who matter - his friends and clients. The space was to house a pool table, a treadmill, a spacious toilet suite, a work area for paperwork, a meeting table and an entertainment area.

The palette of the project uses metals in their raw forms, not painted but simply coated with a transparent polyurethane. All the furniture was custom built and designed primarily using standard metal sections. The lighting is subdued with natural light streaming in from the north side through frosted glass windows. The heavy columns that support the rest of the floors above were used as definers of a space logic and helped break scale. The floor is a poured in place seamless concrete floor along with flamed granite in the service areas. The use of bison board completes the palette in the outside office. The art walls are meant for collector items as the owner is an avid art investor.

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