De Natie

Antwerpen, Belgium
Photo © Toon Grobet
© Toon Grobet
Photo © Toon Grobet
Photo © Toon Grobet
Photo © Toon Grobet
Photo © Toon Grobet
META architectuurbureau
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories

Commissioned by a private investor, this block of new offices and apartments has been constructed to the south of Antwerp, near the new Law Courts.

The buildings’ boundary lies within an historical inner courtyard between Gijzelaarstraat and Vlaamse Kaai in Antwerp. The project attempts – through its façades and its connection with the inner courtyard – to fit effortlessly within this significant part of Antwerp South. The façade’s structure, the system of openings, the use of limited materials and a sensitivity to its setting within the courtyard all help to integrate the project into its context. Every level gets its own large sun terrace.

The shell construction was conceived in such a way that the structure could also function as a finished state. This strategy results in a reduction in material use, with a consequential reduction in man-hours, resulting in an altogether more economical building with no compromise in quality, flexibility and durability. Although the building serves the present user perfectly, there is an inherent value in the potential of ease of adaptability to the needs of generations to come.

Belgian Architectural Award 2007, 1° prize

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