Levi's Rivet

Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Photo © Shailan Parker
Studio Lotus
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories

Inspired by the process of industrial craft that goes into the making of the premium denim products of Rivet, the store was created to exude a sense of “premiumness” and mystery. The brief entailed the creation of a store which would generate a certain level of exclusivity with a way of essaying the Levi’s story in India. Construction materials such as copper, iron and denim fulfil this prerequisite. These materials were worked into plywood and treated like insertions into the raw concrete shell. 


The Retail experience is heightened by tactile interactivity where the customer is encouraged to ‘play’ with the store, initiated right from its frontage that has been constructed of 8000 copper rods and 16000 buttons from the denims.  A giant perforated wall slides from it creating three-dimensional pattern that encourage the customer to dabble with the entire facade, which in turn forms the niches to frame products on the rear of the wall. 


A 40-feet long History Wall, an interactive walk depicting the 150-year long journey of the company greets you as you enter. Every decade has been allocated space displaying everything from photographs, to letters & old advertising material, to replicas of vintage products of the era. 


1500 copper strips hang from the ceiling on a wire mesh, concealing the HVAC and electrical conduits, allowing both the products and the lighting to be suspended from it at any point in the store. Copper clad “saddle” stands are scattered all over the space to be used as seating areas or as hangers for tried products. 


Studio Lotus has managed to create a gallery-like ambience that communicates the rich heritage and history of the brand using a combination of classical and cutting edge technology. 

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