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Homestead Infrastructure Development

Best Multiple Residence Architecture, India, Arabian Property Awards, 2012

Winner of Arabian Property Awards 2012 in the category of Best Multiple Residence Architecture, India, Mansion Gurgoan is a residential master plan provided by Homestead infrastructure development private Limited that comprises  24 plots ranging  between approximately 2– 2.8 acres.  The plots are attached together by the edge and separated by a main road.


Inspired by India’s rich culture, the design concept is derived from the combination of historic, artistic and architectural important elements offered in Indian culture. It states the importance of studying energy, its flow and the placement of architecture according to the universe, the significance of a central point in ‘Mandala’ and the repetitive geometric structure apparent in the Mughal gardens. The design also responds to India’s joint family structure as parts or elements that are drawn towards the central point of concentration. It emphasizes cultural characteristics and the strong belief in the 5 elements of life (water, wind, earth, fire and space) and merges the spirit, movement, nature and art in an open yet structured manner according to ‘vastu shastra’.


Three concepts were chosen to produce three types of villas. The first concept is landscape protrusion reflecting the plot’s natural surrounding landscape. The force on the landscape is magnetized to a central point of concentration where it protrudes a basic square-shaped mass, turning it into separated solids enclosing a tree in a central courtyard. Solids are juxtaposed in an irregular way according to function, in which the circulation path creates a ‘crack’ in the building that allows natural light with uninterrupted views of the landscape. A defined entry point is formed because of this landscape cut, and is further dispensed into the central courtyard of the house; the point where a tree is planted in Indian tradition. 


The second concept is an elevated landscape, which expresses that the plot’s natural surrounding elevates at the point where the main mass/building is introduced, giving value and importance to the house experienced by the inhabitants. The elevated mass provides maximum openness and panoramic views to the surrounding natural landscape. The lifting of the mass creates mezzanine levels, resulting in interesting interconnected spaces between solids and voids, light and dark, private and public, interlinked by stairs, ramps, gardens, courtyards and trees. The design is a linear L-shaped mass opening to the North of the plot and blocking the South which is believed to bring negative energy according to ‘Vastu Shastra’. 


The third concept is landscape envelope, which visualizes that the plot’s natural surrounding is enveloped between vertical walls and masses in a large plaza/court acting as the main emphasis of the building. The plaza becomes the first point of entrance, the drop off, the gathering space, the courtyard and the main connection between the enclosed solids and the natural landscape. The concept provides a large feel of the villa mass where the architectural elements are exaggerated and spread over the 2 acres plot providing a massive, luxurious mansion. The design of the building is based on clusters attached to create interlinked internal spaces, whilst providing private as well as open and transparent spaces. The building is punctured with courtyards vertically at many levels allowing for natural light and ventilation to penetrate into the building mass.

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