Nine Tree Village

Hangzhou, China
Photo © Christian Richters
Photo © Christian Richters
Photo © Christian Richters
Photo © Christian Richters
Landscape Architects
Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten
Hangzhou, China

The buildings of Nine Tree Village in the hills near the eastern Chinese town of Hangzhou appear as if they were washed downhill into the valley by a stream. Prudent and responsible building practises that respect the natural environment are gaining importance in China. Nine Tree Village is one example of how such practises are implemented. Buildings and open space fit naturally into the slope and respect the charm of the location. Access roads and car parking have been moved underground so as not to disturb the peaceful atmosphere here. Within the estate itself only pedestrian circulation is allowed.
In designing the open space it was necessary to make a detailed and intense analysis of the terrain and its natural habitat. Selecting and siting plants was guided by the native plants and garden culture of this climatically favourable region. Subtropical plants such as orange magnolia, camellia, jasmine, and wisteria typically occur in this region. These plants, which are also popular in Europe but are native to this region, have been extensively used in the gardens of Nine Tree Village.

Harmony between nature and a non-natural environment defines the atmosphere of this residential estate. The circulation system and plantings are integrated into the contours of this heavily vegetated valley. Footpaths are framed by rivulets of water, and the valley’s babbling stream imbues the site with a particular charm.

Hangzhou Wuyun Investment Ltd.

David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin

Service phases

LEAF Award 2009 Residential Building of the Year

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