Office and residential building P3

Mannheim, Germany
Photo © Fabian Aurel Hild
Photo © Fabian Aurel Hild
blocher partners
Mannheim, Germany
Aachener Grundvermögen Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
Construction of a mixed-use building combining living, working and shopping
7,200 sqm

With its 7,200 square metres, the P5 mixed-use building is an important element in Mannheim's city centre – in both form and function. It's a structure that perfectly complements the offerings on the Planken pedestrian zone. In addition to the retail floor, it offers four floors of offices and apartments including terraces on the penthouse level. The façade is characterized by the floor slabs and façade columns, with their different grid spacing. The massive grid structure made ​​of light (Schönbrunn) Main-sandstone affords a new interpretation of the classic perforated façade that marks this city. The two-storey display window façade creates transparency in the retail floors. The building competes a typical Mannheim square and thus creates a more attractive inner courtyard. New construction of a mixed-use building for shopping, working and living.

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