Panoramic Hotel Plaza - interior

Abano Terme, Padua, Italy
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
Photo © Studio Franzina
FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura
Piazza Repubblica, Abano Terme, Padua, Italy
1M - 100M
5-20 Stories

PHP refurbishment and enlargement consisted in a general renewal of common spaces, in a new interior design for the rooms and in new additions to the existing building, such as all the spa and wellness area.

At the ground floor, the interior design has affected all the common areas: entrance with reception desk, lobby, bar and restaurant have been completely renewed. The design integrated lighting systems customized in every single part. The upper part of the pillars and walls have been enlightened at the cross point with the covering black ceiling. 

The reception has been included in a self-standing irregular white volume detached from floor and ceiling by light strips. The regular volume wrapping the bar is completely covered by a metallic effect paper within a multilayer glass. So as other spaces, double-height restaurant has a customized lighting design harmonizing spot and ambience lights.

A specific attention has been dedicated to Spa, thermal pools and wellness area: all the interiors have been designed to generate a complete emotional well-being for both body and mind. Like all the other ground floor areas, lighting systems have been integrated into the design, this time linked with aromatherapy and colortherapy and with the benefits of thermal waters.

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