Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project

Ahmedabad, Ongoing
Drawing © HCPDPM
Photo © Tapan Modi
Photo © Niki Shah
Photo © Niki Shah
Photo © Niki Shah
Ahmedabad, Ongoing

The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project is an environmental improvement, social uplift and urban rejuvenation project that will renew Ahmedabad. The project is being developed by the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Ltd. (SRFDCL), a company wholly owned by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

The project will reclaim approximately 200 hectares of land from the riverbed. To reclaim the land, protect low lying developments from floods, and to prevent erosion of the river banks, retaining walls have been built on both sides of the river. Since Sabarmati is a seasonal river, water is channeled into the river from Narmada canal, which intersects the river upstream from Ahmedabad and is retained in the river using the Vasna Barrage which is located downstream. To prevent untreated sewage from flowing into the river, two sewage interceptor lines with new pumping stations have been constructed along both the reclaimed banks. These lines carry untreated sewage to the augmented sewage treatment plants south of Vasna Barrage. Slum dwellers living on the riverbed, and affected by the project, will be relocated and provided with ‘pucca’ housing with secured tenure.

The reclaimed land will make Ahmedabad’s riverfront, a public asset. For better access to the riverfront and facilities built along it, a number of streets leading up to the river will be strengthened. Many more will be added so that people can easily walk up to the river. The project will provide Ahmedabad with 11.5 km long pedestrian promenades at the water’s edge along both the banks of the river. In addition to the promenade, many new parks and gardens will be built on the reclaimed land. Many new public facilities will be built on the reclaimed land: cultural centers, museums, sports facilities, trade fair grounds and open air markets. A small portion of the reclaimed land will be sold for private commercial and residential developments. The sale of the reclaimed land will finance the project.

The project has won Prime Minister’s National Award for Excellence in Urban Planning and Design in the year of 2003.

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