Shantanu & Nikhil

New Delhi
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Photo © Saurabh Pandey
Romi Khosla Design Studios
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Design Concept

The concept of the shop is derived from an architectural competition that the office participated in, where we were looking at re-interpreting the ‘silk route’ for the contemporary context.  The designs that had been developed for the pod were a series of seamless surfaces that formed the enclosures.

The office was very much interested in exploring the ideas of developing the pods designed for the competition further.  We got the opportunity to deisgn and build two pods soon after.   – The ‘Black pod’ and the ‘White pod’.

The black pod was a stand alone exhibition and retail space created for the crystal makers ‘Swarovski’ by their India operations.

And the White pod was a very small retail space developed simultaneously for the designer duo – Shantanu and Nikhil.

The forward and backward moving planes, conceal all the shop storages, as well as all its electronics.  The floor curves up to form the wall, which curves up to form the ceiling, which continues onto form the furniture, as well as the changing rooms.


Walls, Ceiling and Furniture


19mm ply board frame work stabilized by 37 mm x 37 mm wood batons.


30 mm X 10mm wood baton nailed on to 6mm plyboard, mounted on formwork.


Custom made moulded mild steel plates form the flooring, so as to withstand the wear and tear of the customers.  The alternate gaps between the steel plates are filled with recessed wood strips.

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