SPA Hotel Bründl

Bad Leonfelden, Austria
Photo © Isa Stein
Photo © Isa Stein
Photo © Isa Stein
Photo © Isa Stein
Photo © Isa Stein
Drawing © Team M Architekten
Photo © Isa Stein
Photo © Isa Stein
Photo © Isa Stein
Photo © Isa Stein
Team M Architekten
Badweg 1, 4190, Bad Leonfelden, Austria
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

The building develops its form from the specific site. We gave the project the name „threedimensional earthline“. The building has two axis, which bend and rotate along the vertical 0-line. All 88 rooms are in the two axis, which are connected through a 3 story high hall.

We used earthcolored Max-boards, which we used in a shed way. The theme earthlines is also dominating in the café, sauna and reception desks.

We are interested in the extraordinary. Even when the rooms have repetitious elements, the rotating cover of shedded plates give every room a special touch.

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