Technologiezentrum Seestadt

Vienna, Austria
Visualization © Telegram71 / Giacomo Dodich
Visualization © Telegram71 / Giacomo Dodich
ATP architects engineers
Vienna, Austria
2016, 1st prize

ATP Vienna also convinced the jury in the anonymous competition for the second phase of the Technologiezentrum, which is to be built as part of one of Europe’s largest ongoing urban development projects.

In 2010 ATP won the EU-wide competition for the first phase, aspern IQ, which was opened in 2012 as the first building in the Seestadt and Austria’s first Plus Energy office facility. The building, integrally designed by ATP Vienna, was presented with the EU Green Building Integrated Design Award in 2014.

The objective of the latest competition was to create a new center for technology-oriented companies in the area of research-related production. The design had to provide urban design, architectural and functional solutions as well as meeting energy efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness requirements.

ATP’s design merges harmonically into the sustainable urban development concept of Seestadt Aspern. “The plan is spatially simple, clearly arranged, well lit and easy to divide. Each unit is quick and easily to reach. This meets the requirement that each level can be flexibly used” argued the jury report. “This functional permeability is a particular quality of the project.”

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