Gjinsah, 2003

Brief Private house for 4 persons. Architect Marc Hensel Client private Architect Marc Hensel Gross area 300 sqm

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport,…

Mumbai, 2014

Ten years ago, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport welcomed six million passengers per year through its gates; today...

House : 220 Dumas


A proposal with an inherent paradox, a small weekend house  for a large family on a small piece of land prompted us to look at the e...

Sanjay Puri Architects


Jaipur, 2011

Sanskriti, although not a very high building, with its location in Jaipur, a fast growing urban city in Rajasthan in India which is predo...

Sanjay Puri Architects

Hillside Retreat 405

Coorg, 2012

Designed on a steeply contoured irregular shaped site overlooking a valley and hills beyond, Hillside Retreat 405 merges its 400 hotel ro...

Sanjay Puri Architects

Heritage Residences

Rajasthan, 2012

This large residential project in Rajasthan in India imbibes the traditional character of the earliest settlements in the region creating...

Sanjay Puri Architects

72 Screens

Jaipur, 2013

Enveloped in abstractly folded planes of perforated screens, this 6 level office building creates a sculptural presence. Located in ...

khosla associates

DPS Kindergarten School

Bangalore, 2013

The brief called for us to design a franchise for a popular north Indian school chain called Delhi Public School. Since the model was to...

khosla associates

The Tower Kitchen

Bangalore, 2012

The new fine dining restaurant The Tower Kitchen in Bangalore shares it's location with the already popular nightspot Skyee bar promoted ...

blocher partners india

Mondeal Retail Park

Ahmedabad, 2012

With the Mondeal Retail Park, the Asian subsidiary of Blocher Blocher Partners, Blocher Blocher India, realised an outstanding ensemble o...

blocher partners india


Delhi, 2011

Blocher Blocher India developed a new department store concept for one of India’s leading fashion retailers, Pantaloons. On two floors in...

blocher partners india

Van Heusen

Delhi, 2011

Blocher Blocher India developed and realised a new shop concept on 500 square meters retail space for the premium lifestyle brand Van Heu...

blocher partners india

The Collective

Delhi, 2011

Blocher Blocher India re-launched a further The Collective concept store, after having realised branches in Delhi and in Pune. The premiu...

blocher partners india

Mondeal Square

Ahmedabad, 2014

Blocher Blocher India, the Asian subsidiary of Blocher Blocher Partners, designed a mixed-use building that is going to be a landmark in ...

blocher partners india

Planet Fashion

Bangalore, 2012

Blocher Blocher India developed and realised an exclusive shop concept – including facade design – for the world-class Planet Fashion fla...

blocher partners india

Reid & Taylor

Ahmedabad, 2011

Reid & Taylor have been (custom-)making compelling first-class suits of exclusive materials and top quality since 1837 - in the past ...

blocher partners india

Private Residence

Ahmedabad, 2016

Blocher Blocher India was responsible for a new construction of an exclusive private residence in Ahmedabad. The company developed the ar...

khosla associates

Reddy House

Hyderabad, 2009

The Reddy house responds directly to the topography of the site on which it is constructed. The site, in upmarket Jubilee Hills in Hyder...

RMA Architects

Gallery at 3 Pasta Lane

Mumbai, 2007

An old car repair shed was recycled to be converted into a gallery for installation art. The materials and integrity of the original spac...

RMA Architects

Hathigaon (Housing for Elephants and their…

Amber, Rajasthan, 2011

A housing project for a 100 elephants and their Mahouts (elephant care-takers), Hathigaon (elephant village) is situated at the foothill ...

RMA Architects

KMC Corporate Office

Hyderabad, 2012

Located in Cyber City, Hyderabad, the corporate buildings employ the idea of a double skin as an energy saving and visually striking mech...

RMA Architects

Think Tank Retreat

Valpoi, Goa, 2009

Located in the verdant environs of eastern Goa, the Think Tank Retreat is composed of ten living units and a health centre. The ancillary...

RMA Architects

HP Campus

Bangaluru, 2006

The organization of the building is based on zoning the various programmatic components so that the new intervention has minimal visual i...

RMA Architects

Restoration of the Chowmahalla Palace Complex

Hyderabad, 2007

The conservation of the Chowmahalla Palace was embarked upon in the year 2000 and was structured to be executed in three phases. The firs...

RMA Architects

Visitors’ Centre at CSMVS (formally Prince Of…

Mumbai, 2011

The visitors’ centre is located at the entrance of the Museum, a Grade I heritage structure in Mumbai.  The contemporary struc...

RMA Architects

House in a Tea Garden

Conoor, 2008

Set in a tea plantation, the house was designed to minimize the impact of its footprint on the landscape. Several inexpensive mock-ups we...

Housing : Ena Tundi

Ena Tundi

House: The privacy of individuals was of utmost priority while conceptualising a compact and utilitarian unit with minimal footprint on s...

Office : Dishman


The project was done in collaboration with Eastern Studio (Raiji Pranav, Sachin Bandukwala,  Saptak Patel, Sangram Parmar )

Apartment : 8C Ratna Aastha

Surat, 2011

All four sides of the apartment facing onto vast open spaces providing views of the city skyline were exploited by locating the dining sp...

Factory : Varachha


A factory, with peculiar requirements of strict screening and grey lighting along with energy efficiency and organisational flexibility, ...

House : 32 Royal Enclave

Bangalore, 2009

The brief of “each floor to a family within a family” was translated into four movement patterns that are interlinked two way...

Landscape : Ena Tundi

Ena Tundi

A fertile piece of land, between an irrigation canal and a stream carrying overflowed water from the irrigated farms is to be developed a...

House : 83/84 Rukshmani

Navsari, 2005

The project was done in collaboration with Sachin Bandukwala. The wide plot on east-west axis was used to its best advanta...

House : 01 Ajit


A clear brief of accommodating all the activities in less than half of the land and the rest to be left for the greens placed the focus o...

House : 89 Adarsh

Surat, 2010

The house per say is elevated due to high flood levels of the river close by, leaving lower spaces for parking, services, home office and...

Apartment : 1001 Pratishtha

Surat, 2007

The choice of Stainless Steel, Wooden slats and Bamboo chicks as the core architectural elements became obvious as we set out a brief to ...

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