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Barozzi / Veiga

Graubünden Museum of Fine Arts

Matharoo Associates

Residence for Mr.Ashok Patel

Ahmedabad, 2005

Located in fast growing suburbs of Ahmedabad, a prosperous city in the state of Gujarat in the west of India, the house is designed for a...

Matharoo Associates

House with the warped court

Surat, 2005

HOUSE WITH THE WARPED COURT In the heart of the industrial city of Surat; with a recent history of plague, riots, earthqua...

Matharoo Associates

Net House

Ahmedabad, 2010

NET HOUSE net,nett.adj.clear of all else and subject to no further deductions (chamiers twentieth century dictionary).

Matharoo Associates

House with Balls

Ahmedabad, 2009

Scooped out of a plot of farmland twenty minutes outside Ahmedabad city, this house has been built for an aquarium shop owner to function...

Matharoo Associates

Dharamshala set in Stone

Pavapuri, 2007

Set, determine: fix conclusively or authoritatively; "set the rules" (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Kawdia House


Designed for a joint family comprising of ten members spanning across three generations, the plot is located in a small town called Rajsa...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Trapezium House


A typical suburban trapezoidal corner plot with equally typical programmatic requirements of a working couple with children.

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Mobius House

Anjuna, 2007

Mobius house is a resultant of the pursuit of the archetypal image of a pavilion in the landscape through processes that strive to accomm...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Memorial for Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims


3rd december 1984 worst industrial disaster Union Carbide was a natural progression of the process of industrializa...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Aqua House

Anjuna, 2008

Aqua house deals with contemporary urban nomadic living conditions and the overwhelming landscape of Goa. The processes are further influ...

Anupama Kundoo

Residence Pierre Tran

Auroville, 1991

Designed for climatic comfort based on South-east orientation. Vaulted roofs, cavity walls and ferrocement fins regulate the glare and ye...

Anupama Kundoo

Wall House

Auroville, 2000

Here the innovation lies in the definition of the building program for a residential house, as well as the transition spaces between the ...

Anupama Kundoo

Townhall Complex

Auroville, 2005

This project marks the concrete step that Auroville took towards realizing its planned city, contrary to its organic growth approach unti...

Anupama Kundoo

Volontariat Orphanage

Pondicherry, 2008

Built using a rare technology, in which the housing units were typically built with mud bricks and fired in situ for stability.


Symbiosis Lavale Campus

Pune, 2002

A self sufficient campus for 3000 persons, sitting atop a hillside on the windward side of the deccan mountain range was the chief aim of...


Spencer Stuart

Mumbai, 2005

An office on the 21st floor in downtown Mumbai for a Chicago headquartered executive head hunting firm having spectacular views of the se...


Nexus Capital

Mumbai, 2009

A visually transparent office space with an illusion of height and spatial experience, where the architects played with scale and layout ...


Hemani Residence

Mumbai, 2009

A single family dwelling on a 6000 sft plot in prime residential area of Juhu. Many bungalows in the area get torn down to build highrise...


Sarpanch House

Akluj, 2008

A village house set within interior Maharashtra for a head of an entire village (Sarpanch). The house had to accommodate a large joint fa...


Commercial Building - Thube Park

Pune, 2003

The building was designed for commercial use as offices (mainly for I.T. related) and uses fairly large floor plates of 6,000 Sft. The pr...


Tan Tien- Zen Healing Center


The project is located on an 8 acre contoured site within the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. The site was on the windward slopes (south fa...


Nirvana Amidst Trees

Bhavnagar, 2009

The design of the house is literally married to the existing trees as it beautifully co-exists on a site which was previously a tree orch...


ELTIS - Symbiosis

Pune, 2006

The highlight of this project is the complex handling of program and translating that into a meaningful architecture. The program had a L...


Naik Baet (Island)


A green development for a 33 acre island in the heart of Pune City. This is an ambitious project looking at thedevelopment of a virgin is...


Sensei House

Pune, 2005

A small and quaint bungalow of understated dignity is tucked away in a serene residential colony. Designed for an elderly Japanese couple...


House Overlooking Lake

Pune, 2009

A 1800 sft weekend home on the idyllic site overlooking a lake on the northwards sloping site in Kamshet in interior Maharashtra. The bri...



Mumbai, 2005

An apartment with a global soul- that is what the clients brief required. A large open hallway with a grid slab ceiling had to be modulat...


House on The Ridge

Khadakvasla, Pune, 2004

Chiselling the sensory environment of a scenic locale into a work of art, the Architects have sculpted a weekend home at Khadakvasla near...


Childrens Park at Shivaji Park

Mumbai, 2006

The park had two edges; one fronting the Maidan and the other fronting the city. Since they had to have varying qualities of transparency...


Adventist Hospital


An hospital that looks “less of a hospital” was the client brief given to us. The day use and out patient spaces alongwith Em...


JRC Sancheti Hospital

Pune, 2010

An existing office building had to be converted to a 50 bedded hospital for Joint Replacement Surgery. All patients were using the hospit...



Mumbai, 2008

A store that showcases clothes from select designers in the western, indo western and western range of dresses for mainly women buyers. T...


Victoria Mills

Mumbai, 2007

The project applies the Japanese sensibilities to play here by not just merging the outside and the inside as one seamless whole, but als...


Arun Patel

Mumbai, 2009

Space as Luxury – in a Space Starved City A single individual occupying an area of 5000 sft in prime real estate in Tardeo, Mumbai-...


Courtyard House (with RMA architects)

Alibag, 2010

The house forms a ‘C’ shaped courtyard with a lap pool along its open end. The 7500 sft house has verandah and passages which...

Flying Elephant Studio

Mango Processing Unit

Ratnagiri, 2004

Adaptive use of a self-supporting proprietary roof system eliminates the need for high maintenance structural trusses in the process hall...

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