Kiln House, Munavli

We do not… promote a method or solution.

We do not… theorize.

We do not… think the process is in any way similar in every project.


We seek… to capture the fleeting essence.

We seek… a reality check before we face our clients.

We seek… to uplift the human spirit.


We search… emotion.

We search… apparent ease – effortlessness.

We search… for the “this feels right” moment.

Two station points in an architectural perspective render greater depth to an image. Over the last thirteenyears and through endless hours we have used each other as station points of revelation; evolving and developing our particular expression to specific conditions. Since 1997 we began adding more points to our studio in our associates and collaborators. Our architecture/ design is always generated from the act of human occupation and use. The spaces we create are always arrived at from the experience of occupying; through the quality and variance of light, the reference to other spaces and the directness of view, the ability to adapt and the patterns of erosion in materials and memories.

The studio’s approach and working method is to constantly seek out an appropriate and authentic architectural solution.

We believe that every project we undertake must reflect a strong, sound ideology and honesty in its architectural design, the application of materials and the deployment of technologies. Since our first commission in East Africa in 1997, new dimensions are constantly being added to our attitude towards construction and the conception of architectural solutions.

We have been engaged in the actual construction and co ordination of projects in close association with the builders, engineers, contractors and technicians from Europe, South Africa and East Africa. It is through these associations, the act of building and the putting together of its various components,we have aspired to create spaces and structures that are responsive and enduring.

We believe in the judicious deployment of our skills as Architects and not over designing, avoiding the superficial and keeping it simple.


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