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Gurjit Singh Matharoo founded Matharoo Associates in Ahmedabad, India in 1992. In the short time since our firm’s inception our work has gone on to win both domestic and international critical acclaim.

We believe in a clear emphasis of functionality and services, in exercising an extreme restraint whenever designing and using natural exposed materials where sunlight becomes the only embellishment as it varies and changes through the day and across the seasons. Our buildings are designed to be discovered; as one moves through them they unfold around one’s body to reveal their secrets and meanings over time and over spatial layers.

Our office undertakes design work ranging from architecture, structural design and master-planning to product and automobile design, so despite our dedication to clarity we work in many different ways. We see all design disciplines as one, to remove boundaries and work with a fully combined approach. Interdisciplinary practice has become an important dimension of how we make all our designs.

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