‘Cattiva’ Range of Blood Mobile Vans

Matharoo Associates

“Cattiva”; Italian for mean woman, is inspired by the lady who lures, and the prey who irresistibly concedes, knowing well that he is just one of the many, this bewitching Blood Mobile Van is the answer to the quandary.

The van with four automatic donor chairs, medical examination cubicle, furnished pantry, chemical toilet, refreshment area and lounge is constructed on a 1616 Tata chassis. The engine of which along with the six carrier air conditioners and 220 volt AC power supply generated by a 15 KVA Indkama DG have their cooling systems expressed as large gaping air scoops in an otherwise streamlined feline body.

The body is aluminum glued to galvanized iron tubular chassis. Being custom made the body panels are kept uniplaner avoiding beating of sheets while maintaining curved profiles in the overall form.

With a capacity of 100 donations a day, it is envisaged that each Cattiva breed of automobile, connected to blood banks throughout the country will bring about a silent revolution where it will be considered in vogue to donate blood as against the prevailing stigma against it.

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