Bhakti - Hasmukh Residence

Ahmedabad, 1969

With the built up area of 375 sq.m., the house was designed for a family of 4 and remains one of the most cherished projects. In the case...


Safal Profitaire

Ahmedabad, 2010

Safal Profitaire provides a built-up area of 30,000 sq. m. The project comprises of one high-rise and three low-rise multi-tenanted offic...


KHS Machinery Plant

Ahmedabad, 2009

The KHS Machinery Plant (AMA) provides a built-up area of 18,750 sq. m. The facility is notable for its inverted sheet roofing, clear sp...


Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project

Ahmedabad, Ongoing, 2002

The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project is an environmental improvement, social uplift and urban rejuvenation project that will rene...


New Campus for IIMA

Ahmedabad, 2010

Under a national competition HCPDPM was awarded the project for the design of an extension to IIMA, an institute of international repute ...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

Bhishangarh Fort Hotel


Approach is to keep the fort wall untouched and build a mushroom structure, emerging from within the fort, as a vertical extrusion of the...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

Triburg Headquarters

Udyog Vihar

The project aims to recreate the transparencies of the Adalaj stepwell and the terraces of the mythical hanging gardens of Babylone in a ...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

Tahiliani Headquarters

Gurgaon, 2008

The project aims at creating inward looking spaces around a garden, like traditional cloister, ideal for work in a calm environment. The ...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

O.P. Jindal global university

Sonepat, 2009

The campus for the O.P. Jindal Global University is planned in an entirely flat agricultural land, 10 km away from the city of Sonepat, o...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

G.Varadaraj Convention Center


Program 1. Convention center with capacity of 1500 seats, fully equipped with green rooms, back stage facilities, screen storage, rehears...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

Coimbatore Center for Contemporary Art (CoCCA)


Building Strategy Being a renovation project, the idea is to adapt to the existing conditions of site with minimum hindrance and minor al...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

French Trade Commissioner's Residence

New Delhi, 2003

The project of this new house aims to keep a typological analogy with the neighbor in order to preserve the character of the colony. Squ...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

Extension- Renovation of the French Institute…

Pondicherry, 2002

The existing building, facing the Indian Ocean, is one of the most remarkable structure of the french part of the city. The plan is based...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

Alliance francaise de Delhi

New Delhi, 2004

The brief of the competition called for creation of an institution reflecting the image of France and India together. The project propose...

Matharoo Associates

‘Cattiva’ Range of Blood Mobile Vans

“Cattiva”; Italian for mean woman, is inspired by the lady who lures, and the prey who irresistibly concedes, knowing well that he is jus...

Spasm Design Architects

Kiln House, Munavli


Spasm Design Architects

Khadakvasla House

Pune, 2010

Located in Khadakvasla, near Pune: on the leeward side of the Western Ghats… In the vast openness of the surroundin...

Spasm Design Architects


Mumbai, 2008

OORJA (energy) - An Indian Store   In today's "volatile" retail market, with "commercial space at a...

Matharoo Associates

Prathma Blood Centre

Ahmedabad, 2000

The Center has its origins in an Invited Architectural Competition in 1998. The promoters, Advanced Transfusion Medical Research Foundati...

Matharoo Associates


Surat, 2007

Being the largest exporter of polished diamonds, almost 80% of the world’s diamonds pass through the hands of Indian diamond merchants. M...

Matharoo Associates

Ashwinikumar Crematorium

Surat, 2000

Although there is no archetypal form for a crematorium, the cremation place is marked by a pavilion-like structure standing in open groun...

Matharoo Associates

The Urban Cast

Ajmer, 2009

Cast: To form by pouring into a mould; To reach out and throw; A rigid protective poultice (Chamiers twentieth century dictionary) The R...

Matharoo Associates

House by the Sea

Raigad, 2008

…Marooned ship, long lost fortresses dotting the western coastline and unseen aquatic life are some of the inspirations for this outhouse...

Matharoo Associates

Residence for Mr. Ashok Patel

Ahmedabad, 2005

Located in fast growing suburbs of Ahmedabad, a prosperous city in the state of Gujarat in the west of India, the house is designed for a...

Matharoo Associates

House with the warped court

Surat, 2005

In the heart of the industrial city of Surat; with a recent history of plague, riots, earthquake, and floods; and dealing with the side e...

Matharoo Associates

Net House

Ahmedabad, 2010

net,nett.adj.clear of all else and subject to no further deductions (chamiers twentieth century dictionary). Though less prevalent to...

Matharoo Associates

House with Balls

Ahmedabad, 2009

Scooped out of a plot of farmland twenty minutes outside Ahmedabad city, this house has been built for an aquarium shop owner to function...

Matharoo Associates

Dharamshala set in Stone

Pavapuri, 2007

Set, determine: fix conclusively or authoritatively; "set the rules" (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols; "the set...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Kawdia House


Designed for a joint family comprising of ten members spanning across three generations, the plot is located in a small town called Rajsa...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Trapezium House


A typical suburban trapezoidal corner plot with equally typical programmatic requirements of a working couple with children.

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Mobius House

Anjuna, 2007

Mobius house is a resultant of the pursuit of the archetypal image of a pavilion in the landscape through processes that strive to accomm...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Memorial for Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims


3rd december 1984 worst industrial disaster Union Carbide was a natural progression of the process of industrializa...

Girish Dariyav Karnawat Architect

Aqua House

Anjuna, 2008

Aqua house deals with contemporary urban nomadic living conditions and the overwhelming landscape of Goa. The processes are further influ...

Anupama Kundoo

Residence Pierre Tran

Auroville, 1991

Designed for climatic comfort based on South-east orientation. Vaulted roofs, cavity walls and ferrocement fins regulate the glare and ye...

Anupama Kundoo

Wall House

Auroville, 2000

Here the innovation lies in the definition of the building program for a residential house, as well as the transition spaces between the ...

Anupama Kundoo

Townhall Complex

Auroville, 2005

This project marks the concrete step that Auroville took towards realizing its planned city, contrary to its organic growth approach unti...

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