Tower House

Romi Khosla Design Studio works across a broad spectrum of design opportunities.  While it is located in India and primarily works on the subcontinent, the Studio engages regularly with international concerns.

Its design concerns and parameters are primarily informed by the availability of materials at the location of the project, the Socio-economic profile of the users as well as need to define the form as a minimal object.  The use of natural materials, crafted by either hand or machines forms an important concern in the Studio’s expression of form.

The creative works of the studio are situated across a wide range of locations, topographies and climatic zones.  Their projects include private houses, buildings for the poorest of the poor, Industrial spaces, educational buildings, green corporate offices, high end retail outlets, student facilities, art galleries and medical centres.

Romi Khosla Design Studios is a middle size energetic design office with some international staff that is regarded as one of the top design offices in India.  With both national and international awards to its credit, the design team at the Studio works intensively on projects as craftsmen would do, producing each work as a unique product.

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