Private Residence

Photo © Harshan Thomson
© Harshan Thomson
Photo © Harshan Thomson
© Harshan Thomson
blocher partners india
Built up area
1,800 sqm

Blocher Blocher India was responsible for a new construction of an exclusive private residence in Ahmedabad. The company developed the architectural concept as well as the interior design for the state-of-the-art building with a size of 1.800 square meters.

The facade of the luxurious villa is made of exposed concrete, natural stone and wood to harmonically combine traditional Indian components with modern architecture. Wooden shading elements offer indirect illumination and, at the same time, set a design statement. Additionally, the shadowing with cantilevered lamellas preserves the energy balance inside the building.

The interior materials are consistent with the outside: an arrangement of concrete, dark wood and a natural cleft stone made from Jura marble. This material mixture in combination with furniture in light colours makes the living room elegant and classy while creating a relaxing and comforting ambience. The interior conveys a feeling of warm hospitality and yet fits the modern style of the building. The house also includes a private patio, where the home owners can rest and let go off the day.

Blocher Blocher India did not only create a modern, sophisticated building but also a comfortable and cosy house where everyone can feel at home.

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