Lindner Group

NDA Research Center

Mumbai, 2017

Das NDA Research Center in der Nähe von Mumbai wurde im Sinne des „Blue Sky Thinking“-Prinzips konzipiert. Eine passende Beleuchtung soll...

Flying Elephant Studio


Chennai, 2016

This commission was secured by winning a national level open architectural competition. The primary goal of NCSCM is to facilitate scient...

MONOLAB architects

ARCHIPELAGO - Spiretec, New Dehli

Greater Noida, 2010

SPIRETEC COMPETITION INDIA © 2011. International architecture competition. Client: Spiretec. Design: Monolab. Status: honorable ment...

VSC Vāstu Shilpā Consultants

Indian Institute of Management

Bengaluru, 1973

In keeping with local context (climate and culture) of the place the building is conceived with a series of courtyards and linked by the ...

VSC Vāstu Shilpā Consultants

Flame University Campus

Lavale, 2008

Foundation for Liberal And Management Education - FLAME UNIVERISTY


Ahmedabad Management Association

Ahmedabad, 2010

Located on a 3-acre plot in the ATIRA campus, Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) provides a built-up area of 4180 sq. m. The client’s...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

O.P. Jindal global university

Sonepat, 2009

The campus for the O.P. Jindal Global University is planned in an entirely flat agricultural land, 10 km away from the city of Sonepat, o...

SPA Design Pvt Ltd

Extension- Renovation of the French Institute…

Pondicherry, 2002

The existing building, facing the Indian Ocean, is one of the most remarkable structure of the french part of the city. The plan is based...

Flying Elephant Studio

IIIT-B Academic Block Extension

Bangalore, 2010

Commission secured was for master planning of a 7 acre campus along with architectural design for 70,000 sq ft of additional floor space....

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