Krishna Chaitanya

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Krishna Chaitanya is an Associate and Team leader at CnT Architects. He leads and mentors a team of architects working on projects across varying building typologies and geographical locations. Having been involved with CnT Architects for close to 12 years, Chaitanya has demonstrated design leadership and a keen eye for the possibilities a project can offer. He also shares practice and office management responsibilities including recruitment of technical staff.

Chaitanya holds an M.Sc in Architecture Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a B.Arch from SPA, New Delhi. He had previously had brief but insightful working stints in Delhi, Milan and Bangalore. He was awarded the prestigious OFIX Tadao Ando scholarship and UniverLecco scholarship (for pursuing M.Sc). Intersection of design + engineering and its interaction with the human scale interests him in particular.


Manickavel G K


Mehul Patel

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Mehul Patel is an architect with more than two decades of industry experience, working on projects of various typologies around southern parts of India. He graduated from CEPT and spent three formative years at Bijoy Jain & Associates where he got hands-on experience of craft and construction.

Mehul has been practicing and mentoring architecture as a Principal at CnT Architects, Bangalore since 2005. His focus has been architecture which is pragmatic, sustainable and reflect the ethos of time, place and context.

He has won several design competitions and awards for architecture, notably the 20th J K Cement Architect of the Year Award in 2010 for the Tata-Dhan Academy, Madurai. His works at CnT is recognised and published nationally and internationally by publications. He is also involved with academic institutions as a visiting faculty and a guest teacher.

Prashant Kulkarni


Prem Chandavarkar

Managing Partner
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Prem Chandavarkar is the Managing Partner of CnT Architects and mentors design and practice matters across the firm. He received his training from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi (B.Arch. 1978), and went on to do a research-based master’s degree in architecture from the University of Oregon, USA (M.Arch. 1982).

He is widely recognised as a leading thinker and practitioner in architecture. He is a former Executive Director of Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design & Technology in Bengaluru and is an academic advisor and guest faculty at Indian and international colleges of architecture. In 2016, he was named the Walton Critic in Architecture at Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA. In the same year, he was the curator of the centenary national convention of the Indian Institute of Architects on the theme “Imagining the Indian City”.

Besides his design practice at CnT, he writes, lectures and blogs on architecture, urbanism, philosophy, politics, education, environment, art, and cultural studies.

Dev Ambardekar

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Dev Ambardekar is an Associate at CnT Architects and leads a team of architects through design and project delivery across typologies.
As a reflection of his interests in Management and Business, he is also responsible for Practice Management efforts at the firm.

After completing his Bachelor’s training at M.S. Ramaiah School of Architecture, Bangalore (B.Arch. 2014), he joined CnT Architects and has contributed to projects across typologies of masterplanning, housing and hospitality.
Dev has a keen interest in the intersection of design with craft and materiality and its social impact in shaping spaces and cities.

Karthik P

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Karthik Parambhan Nair is an Associate and Team lead at CnT Architects involved in mentoring and shear heading the project within the firm. He received his formal training from the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore (B.Arch 2013), and has been part of the practice since 2015.
With nearly a decade of experience, he has been part of some of the outstanding designs in the practice and has helped us in creating visually rich and spatially unique spaces that are both environmentally and socially progressive.
Besides being part of the practice, he is also interested in exploring structure, hands-on work, using digital mediums for design generation, and being involved in social design work.