Framing Leadership

Visualization © DCOOP
Visualization © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Photo © DCOOP
Drawing © DCOOP
Drawing © DCOOP
Drawing © DCOOP
DCOOP Architects
Quaid Doongerwala, Shilpa Ranade, Komal Koli, Akshay Mirajkar, Tasneem Vohra, Sanya Gupta

The hybrid program of this building includes the
administration for a residential campus, a guesthouse with
rooms and dining area, and the directors home. It is placed
on the campus in a commanding and central position. The
challenge was to integrate all the requirements in a cohesive
The structural grid framework is used here to tie together
the various volumes housing these disparate activities. Spaces
are scooped out in the frame to bring in lightness and to
create public spaces at various levels. One such space is the
triple height central volume which becomes the entrance
to the building and also acts as a connector between the
private residential and the public institutional zones of the
The movement from this entrance space rising up from the
ground through the open staircase, a bridge and corridors
is choreographed to bring in changing views of the dramatic
surrounding landscape.

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