The Uttorayon Township

Siliguri, 2008

The Uttorayon Township is a 400 acre development on a non productive Tea Estate in Siliguri, West Bengal. The guiding objective of the ...


Architect House+Studio

New Delhi, 2007

The house as a platform has been used to investigate two issues central to design today: the family as a social unit and the envi...

CRG Architects

Steel City Container Skyscraper

Dharavi, Mumbai, 2015

INTRODUCTION – Seeking to explore and investigate the possibility of a temporary adequate housing solution for dwellers of the dens...

Studio Gang

Hyderabad 02

Hyderabad, 2008

The Hyderabad O2 project transforms the traditional Indian courtyard house into a new porous building type that serves a much larger-scal...

House : 220 Dumas


A proposal with an inherent paradox, a small weekend house  for a large family on a small piece of land prompted us to look at the e...

Sanjay Puri Architects


Jaipur, 2011

Sanskriti, although not a very high building, with its location in Jaipur, a fast growing urban city in Rajasthan in India which is predo...

Sanjay Puri Architects

Heritage Residences

Rajasthan, 2012

This large residential project in Rajasthan in India imbibes the traditional character of the earliest settlements in the region creating...

RMA Architects

Think Tank Retreat

Valpoi, Goa, 2009

Located in the verdant environs of eastern Goa, the Think Tank Retreat is composed of ten living units and a health centre. The ancillary...

RMA Architects

House in a Tea Garden

Conoor, 2008

Set in a tea plantation, the house was designed to minimize the impact of its footprint on the landscape. Several inexpensive mock-ups we...

Housing : Ena Tundi

Ena Tundi

House: The privacy of individuals was of utmost priority while conceptualising a compact and utilitarian unit with minimal footprint on s...

Apartment : 8C Ratna Aastha

Surat, 2011

All four sides of the apartment facing onto vast open spaces providing views of the city skyline were exploited by locating the dining sp...

House : 32 Royal Enclave

Bangalore, 2009

The brief of “each floor to a family within a family” was translated into four movement patterns that are interlinked two way...

House : 83/84 Rukshmani

Navsari, 2005

The project was done in collaboration with Sachin Bandukwala. The wide plot on east-west axis was used to its best advanta...

House : 89 Adarsh

Surat, 2010

The house per say is elevated due to high flood levels of the river close by, leaving lower spaces for parking, services, home office and...

Apartment : 1001 Pratishtha

Surat, 2007

The choice of Stainless Steel, Wooden slats and Bamboo chicks as the core architectural elements became obvious as we set out a brief to ...

House : 01 Ajit


A clear brief of accommodating all the activities in less than half of the land and the rest to be left for the greens placed the focus o...

MONOLAB architects

ARCHIPELAGO - Spiretec, New Dehli

Greater Noida, 2010

SPIRETEC COMPETITION INDIA © 2011. International architecture competition. Client: Spiretec. Design: Monolab. Status: honorable ment...

Romi Khosla Design Studios

Plus House

New Delhi, 2009

This is a house on the outskirts of Delhi for a couple and their 2 year old son. The special volume of the building is simply arranged, w...

Romi Khosla Design Studios

A House

New Delhi, 2010

These two houses are located in the Himalayan district of Kangra at the base of the Grand Dhauladhar mountain Range.  In this highly...


Alila . Bangalore

Bangalore, 2011

Alila.Bangalore is a mixed use development. The first five levels of this 14 storey building house 130 hotel rooms, 3 restaurants, meetin...

vir.mueller architects

residence by the sea

Chennai, 2003

After the tsunami, residents of this Chennai suburb – sited on the coastal edge of the bay of  bengal – have begun the p...

vir.mueller architects

asian games village residence I

New Delhi, 2006

Originally designed as athlete’s housing for the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, the neighborhood is an oasis of green in a resident...

vir.mueller architects

asian games village residence II

New Delhi, 2008

Originally designed as athletes’ housing for the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, the neighborhood is an oasis of green in a resident...

vir.mueller architects

sunehri bagh redevelopment

New Delhi, 2007

The project was the proposal for the re-densification of plots of colonial bungalows that are being used as housing for senior government...

vir.mueller architects

iyengar residence

New Delhi, 2007

The clients’ requested a complete remodel of an existing -two-family duplex, while preserving all original structural walls. Our de...

vir.mueller architects

defence colony residence

New Delhi, 2009

This four-storey townhouse, comprising of two separate units, occupies a constricted urban site in an upscale Delhi neighbourhood. The de...

vir.mueller architects

carona estate

Aldona, 2008

A set of three vacation homes were designed for a three friends, on a sloping site overlooking paddy fields and a tributary of the Mandov...

vir.mueller architects

vasant vihar residence

New Delhi, 2010

The site for this residence is in South Delhi, on a plot sandwiched between two existing houses. The challenge was to develop three separ...


ECR Villas


ECR VILLAS Site Division The site is divided into individual plots with a common driveway. Each house ...


Service Apartments


SERVICE APARTMENTS The project is located on a small plot of land on a busy road in the heart of the city of Chennai. Due ...


Group Housing


GROUP HOUSING The project involved development of individual plots to house residential multi-family apartments, within a ...


Vertical Gardens


VERTICAL GREENS architectureRED was appointed as master planners and architects for the 5 acre, 600,000sf  of mixed u...


Signature Towers


SIGNATURE TOWERS Signature Tower is a proposed residential development located in a dense residential neighborhood of Sout...




KAYA The Kaya is a high end premium apartment building in the heart of the city’s residental zone. The challenge was...


Metro Gardens


METRO GARDENS architectureRED was commissioned to master plan and design the architecture for the 8.43 acre (approx. 900,0...


Globevill Master Plan


The project site is located on prime real estate off the NH-4 which links Chennai to Bangalore, and in the heart of the industrial hub of...

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