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Blocher Partners India is the Indian presence of the renowned Germany-based architecture and design firm Blocher Partners. Our diverse team of architects, graphic designers, interior designers, communication specialists, environmental planners and product designers is spread accross Stuttgart, Mannheim and Ahmedabad. For all our projects, we combine architecture, urban planning, interior design, product design and communication and into a whole.

Our strength is our expertise in different disciplines such as commercial, residential, hospitality, mixed-use and high-rise buildings. The concept of ’experiential design’ lies at the core of our interdisciplinary approach, always placing the end user at the center.

Our building approach is a modest and measured one, choosing what is suitable rather than sensational, creating buildings that speak for themselves and are self-aware. We combine technologically advanced concepts with a clear design vocabulary, creating buildings that are stable long-term investments. Backed by such solid principles, this approach helps open doors to new and exciting solutions.

A sustainable and lasting building design requires economic and social responsibility. Buildings that are loved also last longer. This is why we always create spaces, whether they be public or private, commercial spaces or even brands, which touch, inspire, and encourage interactions.

We continuously adapt to new places and cultures, seeking one-on-one dialogue with all involved stakeholders. Creating foundation for solutions that endure beyond short-term, solutions that have a clear vision and are within budget. We are strong believers in continual learning and collaboration, always willing to expand our team when necessary, bringing in sociologists, specialist engineers and other experts.

The quality of the finished product in one place, reflects multiple decisions taken in many different places, becoming more than the sum of it’s parts. It becomes rather an identity and sometimes, even something we can call home.


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