The Collective

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Blocher Blocher India re-launched a further The Collective concept store, after having realised branches in Delhi and in Pune. The premium store with its new exterior facade offers all varieties of fashion: an assortment of Indian and international brands on 1.600 square meters retail space. Blocher Blocher India successfully united this broad variety of goods with A new design concept.

The multi-label store is located in the Ambience Mall, one of New Delhi’s hotspots.

Consistent with the location, the interior design conveys a classy atmosphere and an upscale feeling. Exclusive materials such as bisazza mosaics, marble columns, suspended elements like glass beads, polished high-grade steel or black steel, high-gloss surfaces and walnut wood reflect the high standards the company stands for. The flooring consists of cream coloured tiles; high quality carpets emphasize special areas. The concept provides a pleasant sense of lightness without neglecting the traditional appearance of The Collective. The entire two-level store is structured clearly to facilitate orientation. With the new store design for The Collective, Blocher Blocher India did not only unite all different kinds of fashion and brands but also created an impressive interplay of modern West and Indian way of life.

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