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Housing : Ena Tundi

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House: The privacy of individuals was of utmost priority while conceptualising a compact and utilitarian unit with minimal footprint on small parcels of land. Plain walls on two sides restrict the views from street and parking alley, while the other two open through a veranda onto a little garden surrounded by thick Bamboo grove and a row of trees and shrubs. The arrangement of such individual units in cluster completes the jigsaw. There were three prototypes developed with situation based variations resulting in several possibilities. The basic structural grid and the language bind them and their configuration mixed with its unique location on site differentiate them.

Cluster: The arrangement of alternating houses with dense and sparse landscape areas, and low boundary walls erase the definition of individual plots by creating narrow interlinked open pockets and consolidated or isolated gardens. This provides penetrating vistas from street between the buildings in some cases, while blocking it completely in the others to suit the degree of privacy desired by different activities or occupants. The species of plants in individual lots and the colours of individual houses differ to a degree to result in a self similar pattern that runs throughout the cluster.

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