Ready for take-off: Pier G was already completed in 2022 and is scheduled to go into operation with Terminal 3 by 2026 at the latest, or earlier if necessary.
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Lindner SE was the general contractor for the entire interior and structural work at Pier G and took over both the technical and commercial management.
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The Pier Stange measures 375 m in length on its own, and the entire Pier G has a gross floor area of 55,000 m².
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For Pier G, Lindner developed a project-specific special solution of a swing-down chilled canopy ceiling.
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In addition to high fire protection requirements, the smoke extraction system also played an important role. During the construction process, this had to be redesigned from natural to mechanical smoke extraction, converted and tested with real simulations.
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In total, Lindner installed 1,980 pieces of canopy ceilings on 5,940 m². Due to the high working height, the canopies were installed using scissor lifts.
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Fraport, Terminal 3, Pier G

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Fraport AG

Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport is one of the largest privately financed infrastructure projects in Europe. Pier G is the first and largest of initially three new piers and also serves as a connection to the main terminal building. For the 55,000 m2 GFA, Lindner was awarded both the commercial and technical management plus planning work in a consortium with various companies, with Lindner taking approx. 50 % of the consortium.

Reliable, innovative & solution-oriented
The short execution time of only 31 months and the scale of the project as well as the desire for project-specific special solutions presented the Lindner team with new challenges on a daily basis. In order to be able to guarantee adherence to deadlines and quality standards for finishing and building services, very efficient project management and constructive cooperation between the various trades had to be ensured. The planning concept had to be revised in part during the construction phase, which also had an impact on process and schedule coordination. This included sampling, which took place parallel to the shell construction: These served as a planning basis for the development of project-specific special solutions such as the Lindner chilled ceiling sail.

Project management hand in hand from Lindner
Under the management of Lindner's Central-East Expansion Division, the Cleanroom Technology and Object Design divisions were also involved, as were Lindner Assembly & Service and LEX for building supplies and logistics. In addition, other Lindner products for floors, ceilings and walls from the company's own production were used in the Pier G. The majority of all fire protection and building physics planning and monitoring was carried out by GiB mbH. With further follow-up orders for metal ceilings, heated and chilled ceilings, hollow or raised floors and insulation work, Lindner will continue to play a major role in the large-scale project.

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