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The work of our firm deals with the issue of form making, our purpose is to give form and significance to the fundamental human concerns that remain constant from period to period. The environmental problems that we face have changed dramatically in the recent past, yet mankind has not. It is the timeless qualities of human nature that provide a thread of continuity and familiarity amongst different cultures and different moments in history. In our view, it is the role of the architect to focus on these fundamental characteristics and needs to translate them into forms appropriate to their context and cultural milieu.

Alone among the arts, architecture offers both the opportunity and the obligation to explore issues of technical proficiency, aesthetic delight and human accommodation. Discourses on architecture treat aesthetics and technical concerns with a certain ease, but issues of comfort, emotion, pleasure and pain do not easily find their way into discussion..... yet all buildings have the potential to elicit powerful responses from their inhabitants. To understand the link between our client’s emotions and aspirations and the evocative aspect of built form is the basis of our architectural philosophy.

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