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Patel Residence

Ahmedabad, 2021

Zusammenleben mit so viel Privatsphäre wie möglich, so lautete das Thema bei der Planung der Residenz für eine indische Großfamilie in Ah...

CnT Architects

IIM Trichy

Tiruchirappalli, 2017

Indian Institute Of Management (IIM) is a winning entry of an international competition held by Indian Institute Of Management Society Th...

CnT Architects

Vizag Street beautification

Visakhapanam, 2017

Vishakapatanam, the 3rd cleanest city invited for proposals for the beautification and branding of the streets. Our design heeded to the ...

CnT Architects

Spectra Palmwoods

Bangalore, 2018

Project called for design of group housing comprising of units of multiple sizes catering to various income group, sizes ranging from 120...

CnT Architects

Sai Life Sciences Campus

Hyderabad, 2020

The project is the winning entry of a competition held by Sai Life Sciences, Hyderabad. The design meets the functional requirements of t...

CnT Architects

Otis elevator test tower & factory

Bangalore, 2014

The project involves the expansion of existing administration block, production factory and the construction of a new lift testing facili...

CnT Architects

Ramaiah House

Bangalore, 2011

The Ramaiah House is a large family house located in Nelamangala on the outskirts of Bangalore, 30 kilometres from the city centre. The ...

CnT Architects

Myscape Courtyard

Hyderabad, 2019

The Master Plan lays out a mosaic of plots, villas, tree lined boulevards, large and intimate landscaped zones, all hinged together by th...

CnT Architects

Mindtree Kalinga

Bhubaneshwar, 2018

20-Acre sustainable campus designed for Mind tree ltd, a Mid sized IT company. This houses training facilities for Mindtree and called as...

CnT Architects

Mindtree East Campus

Bangalore, 2015

The project came into being through the client’s acquisition of another company who had started developing the site. One building was al...

CnT Architects

Brigade Exotica

Bangalore, 2017

The project captures propositions about livability at level of the individual apartment, the tower and the site. An individual home often...

CnT Architects

DRL Corporate Office

Hyderabad, 2010

The client's idea was to set up a corporate base for the largely manufacturing- oriented (DRL) Dr. Reddy's Laboratories pharmaceutical co...

CnT Architects

Brigade Rubix

Bangalore, 2013

This site for a local commercial centre was to form the first of a series of projects that heralded the entry of a prominent builder into...

CnT Architects

CMR University campus

Bangalore, 2019

The CMR University campus site abuts a lake and is surrounded by quarries, while containing one such quarry within the site. The master p...

Findlay McFarlane

Blotting Ornithologics


The Calcutta Institute of Aviculture Blotting Ornithologics, through a new educational institution, harnesses the avicultural wisdom fou...

María Martínez Morón

Silk Skin City


A women's cooperative dedicated to Silk Crafts Silk-Skin City carries out research on the possible contributions of Architecture to the ...

Sanjay Puri Architects

Akshaya 27

Chennai, 2020

Cantilevered cuboid volumes create a sculptural office building in Chennai, India. Located in the old business district of Chennai in Sou...

Sanjay Puri Architects

Excellenseaa 126

Surat, 2020

In response to a very specific brief, this housing project has 126 apartments in six buildings of 11 storeys each. Planned in three diffe...

ALA Architects

Embassy of Finland, New Delhi, renovation

New Delhi, 2018

Architects Reima and Raili Pietilä won the competition for the Finnish Embassy to be located in the diplomatic enclave in Chanakyapuri in...

blocher partners

Marvel Artiza Hubli

Hubli, 2018

Das Handels- und Geschäftshaus Marvel Artiza bietet zukünftig attraktive Flächen: Auf fünf Etagen erstrecken sich Büros und Mall rund um ...

Lindner Group

NDA Research Center

Mumbai, 2017

Das NDA Research Center in der Nähe von Mumbai wurde im Sinne des „Blue Sky Thinking“-Prinzips konzipiert. Eine passende Beleuchtung soll...

Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects


Bangalore, 2018

We were called in to visit the site in an well established central neighbourhood of Bangalore, after some construction had already progre...

blocher partners

Playschool Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, 2020

In einer 8-Millionen-Einwohner-Stadt Naturverbundenheit lernen und Kreativität und Eigenständigkeit entwickeln: Mit den Toy Blocks hat bl...

Sanjay Puri Architects

Rajasthan School

Ras, 2019

Imbibing the organic character of Indian villages & old cities, the Rajasthan School is a low rise 3 level school with open, enclosed...

Sanjay Puri Architects


Ahmedabad, 2019

A rectilinear composition creating offices opening into landscaped terraces along an arterial city road, Stellar is a commercial building...


Ginger Goa, Indien

Goa, 2018

Interkulturelle Inspiration und Interaktion umrahmt von leuchtenden Farben: JOI-Design hat mit Ginger Goa eine neue Lifestylemarke gescha...

Sanjay Puri Architects

18 Screens

Lucknow, 2019

Lucknow city in India has a rich heritage with numerous buildings dating back to the 18th century. The site for this house lies along a b...

blocher partners india

Satya One

Ahmedabad, 2018

Built up area - 8,650 sqm

blocher partners

Privatresidenz Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, 2015

Im Stadtteil South Bopal am westlichen Rande der indischen Millionenstadt Ahmedabad, dem vitalen Zentrum des sich rasant entwickelnden Bu...

blocher partners

Ferienhaussiedlung Bhuj

Bhuj, 2018

Die Architekten von blocher partners haben im indischen Bundesstaat Gujarat eine großzügige Ferienhausanlage mit 650 Bungalows geplant. U...

Flying Elephant Studio

GMR - Schulich School of Business

Hyderabad, 2011

Schulich School of Business was ranked 10th globally by 'The Economist' (2010) for its MBA program. The proposed 250,000 sq ft facility, ...

Flying Elephant Studio


Devanhalli, 2017

Located on a 5 acre farmland north of Bangalore city, the house serves as a retreat for a family with equestrian interests. The original ...

Flying Elephant Studio

800 Jubilee

Hyderabad, 2015

The commission was for design of a 60,000 sq ft commercial building, located on a premium shopping street of Hyderabad city. The project ...

Flying Elephant Studio

Divya Shanthi Campus

Bangalore, 2018

As part of its centenary, Divya Shanthi Christian Association &Trust [DSCAT] added this multi-program building facility as an extensi...

Flying Elephant Studio

APF School and District Institute

Yadgir, 2017

As part of their nationwide grassroots education program, APF is in the process of setting up Schools and District Institutes in differen...

Flying Elephant Studio


Chennai, 2016

This commission was secured by winning a national level open architectural competition. The primary goal of NCSCM is to facilitate scient...

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