iyengar residence

New Delhi
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図面 © vir.mueller architects
図面 © vir.mueller architects
図面 © vir.mueller architects
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The clients’ requested a complete remodel of an existing -two-family duplex, while preserving all original structural walls. Our design proposed the creation of three new apartments, designed to facilitate rental accommodation in New Delhi’s upscale Vasant Vihar neighbourhood. In the absence of exterior views, the walls assume a theatrical ambiguity – abstract slits of varying scales create apertures for light and air, while screening the interior rooms from the public streets. The interior configuration reanimates circulation around an existing courtyard in the center of the building. The living and dining areas extend outdoors with large verandahs and terraces, while the bedroom suites on all floors are oriented towards the shade of a private garden in the rear. A new stair and elevator enclosure anchors the vertical circulation and creates a canvas for a fragrant climbing vine.


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