TCS Banyan Park

Somaya & Kalappa

Spread over 22 acres of land in the Mumbai suburb of Andheri, full of old trees, is located the Tata Consultancy Services campus, also known as ‘Banyan Park’. Here, software development and bird watching co-exist without any conflict. So do the historic and the modern, for this rare property has old bungalows dating from British times, that have been carefully restored out of their dilapidation into the aesthetic vocabulary of contemporary villas.

In the first phase, Gandavali and Sarosh villas, built in the style of colonial bungalows, were restored and converted into state-of-the-art Executive Briefing Centres. While the exteriors retraced its traditionalism with similar materials, the interiors were interpreted in direct contrast through an infusion of high technology.

The two guesthouses Lotus and Orchid, one being an art deco building and the other a colonial type bungalow, were also restored and upgraded. These structures, with their landscaping and water bodies, form a unique center in the middle of this campus.

The inspiration behind the project was to ensure that while architecture had to fulfill various requirements, it finally had to uplift its visitors beyond the boundaries of the brick and stone that surround them and raise their spirit to a higher plane through the spatial experience created in this magical site with its old-world vegetation.

TCS Banyan Park won the URBAN HERITAGE AWARD of the Indian Heritage Society in 2007.

Gross Built-up Area

50,000 Sq. ft. Including Landscaping


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