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Alliance francaise de Delhi

Joseph Stein Ln, 110003 New Delhi
Art gallery, auditorium, library, 12 classrooms, reception, offices, underground parking, services

The brief of the competition called for creation of an institution reflecting the image of France and India together. The project proposes to superimpose harmoniously High technology and High craft in order to create an energy efficient building.

Keeping in view the diversity of programme, the project aims at creating a conducive microclimate for outdoor activities and at interacting with its surrounding in a synergetic way.

By proposing a natural extension of Lodi gardens, most of the area taken from the ground for erecting the building is given back as terrace gardens to create a tri-dimensional garden. All the trees have been protected and integrated into the project scheme. The intermediate terraces are planted with giant leaves, bushes and bamboos. The pergolas provide the shade of a nursery that is suitable for plants. After few years the vegetation will cover the gap between pergolas and building.

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