Journey of Spices

Anagram Architects

Journey of spices is a fine dining restaurant offering exotic cuisines form across the sub-continent. Located on the second and third floors of a corner building, the space possesed high visibility which had not been exploited. The attempt was to exploit the corner and the elevated location to generate an increased walk-in clientile through a celebratory and extroverted design aesthetic.

Fom swings, bangles and kites to swirling thunderous skies, the restaurant is inspired by the monsoons which sweep across the sub-continent binding its myriad cultures.

The luminaires and ambient lights were custom designed using multi-hued glass bangles. The portions of the ceiling visible from the street was designed as a compostion of numerous kites made of sequined fabric stretched onto steel pipe frames representing the jostle for space in the monsoon skies across the Indian sub-continent. The bar is compostiion of swirling lines and masses that echo the churning monsoonal skies.

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