Matteo Thun & Partners

Mountain Residence Tower

Sanjay Puri Architects

18 Screens

Lucknow, 2019

Lucknow city in India has a rich heritage with numerous buildings dating back to the 18th century. The site for this house lies along a b...

blocher partners

Privatresidenz Ahmedabad


Im Stadtteil South Bopal am westlichen Rande der indischen Millionenstadt Ahmedabad, dem vitalen Zentrum des sich rasant entwickelnden Bu...

blocher partners

Ferienhaussiedlung Bhuj

Bhuj, 2018

Die Architekten von blocher partners haben im indischen Bundesstaat Gujarat eine großzügige Ferienhausanlage mit 650 Bungalows geplant. U...

Flying Elephant Studio


Devanhalli, 2017

Located on a 5 acre farmland north of Bangalore city, the house serves as a retreat for a family with equestrian interests. The original ...

Spasm Design Architects

Glade One


Selected to design a prototype villa for a large golf development at Modasar, 25-30 minutes’ drive from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The studio ca...

Spasm Design Architects

Mandvi House


Being the birth place and sacred hometown of the family, in Kutch – Gujarat, Mandvi holds a special place in the hearts of the clients. S...

Spasm Design Architects


Ahmedabad, 2016

Ahmedabad, is predominantly dry through the year, though it does rain occasionally during monsoon months, from late June to August. The c...

Spasm Design Architects



The Stone, beneath the sky, stood cold – Between the runes, a vapour strolled ...a cloak of fleecy fog consoled - The Quest, Terry O’Lea...

Spasm Design Architects

Colaba Apartment

Mumbai, 2012

Located in Colaba, South Bombay, this 3000 square foot apartment, is located in a church property. Built around 85 years ago, the structu...

Spasm Design Architects

House Of Liquid Stone


A second home on a rocky outcrop at the start of the western ghats (highlands),Khopoli, in Maharashtra, India. An area of high precipita...

Spasm Design Architects

House Of Secret Gardens

Ahmedabad, 2018

This is a private home in Ahmedabad, is an expression in Dhrangadhra stone. The stone used in many of the architectural antiquities of Ah...


Regenerate Haveli

Ranchhodpura, 2014

In many ways, this project is more about its making than anything else. For us, an opportunity to reflect on the contingencies of the des...

VSC Vāstu Shilpā Consultants

Kamala House

Ahmedabad, 1963

Informed by both Western and Eastern designs, Kamala House was named after Doshi’s wife, and is the architect’s personal residence. Doshi...


Artisan House


Through the Artisan House project, Morphogenesis looks to revive and re-establish a patronage for traditional Indian artisanal skills. In...

Studio Lotus

House with a Brick Veil

Jangpura, New Delhi, 2015

With increasing unplanned urbanization in several developing nations, most residential neighborhoods have become jungles of concrete and...

Studio Lotus

Residence at Aurangzeb Road

New Delhi, 2014

Studio Lotus was approached to convert an existing office block into a studio apartment, in a minimally invasive manner. Surrounded by b...


Architect House+Studio

New Delhi, 2007

The house as a platform has been used to investigate two issues central to design today: the family as a social unit and the envi...


Three Tree House

Ahmedabad, 2014

This structure adds a new lounge and service area to a residential campus by transforming the space behind the existing house into an act...

Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

Ghose House

Bangalore, 2008

The Ghose Residence sits on the outskirts of a burgeoning Bangalore. It looks over a valley which once was a lake, and will soon become e...

Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

Lateral House

Bangalore, 2013

Lateral House is located in a Bangalore and has been built for a young family, which looked to me for something pure. The brief however h...



Gjinsah, 2003

montag 24°, gjinsah wieviele eier muß ein huhn legen damit es produktiv genug ist um in die riege der legehennen aufgenommen zu werden? ...


House : 220 Dumas


A proposal with an inherent paradox, a small weekend house  for a large family on a small piece of land prompted us to look at the e...

blocher partners india

Private Residence

Ahmedabad, 2016

Blocher Blocher India was responsible for a new construction of an exclusive private residence in Ahmedabad. The company developed the ar...

khosla associates

Reddy House

Hyderabad, 2009

The Reddy house responds directly to the topography of the site on which it is constructed. The site, in upmarket Jubilee ...

RMA Architects

House in a Tea Garden

Conoor, 2008

Set in a tea plantation, the house was designed to minimize the impact of its footprint on the landscape. Several inexpensive mock-ups we...


House : 32 Royal Enclave

Bangalore, 2009

The brief of “each floor to a family within a family” was translated into four movement patterns that are interlinked two way...


House : 83/84 Rukshmani

Navsari, 2005

The project was done in collaboration with Sachin Bandukwala. The wide plot on east-west axis was used to its best advanta...


House : 01 Ajit


A clear brief of accommodating all the activities in less than half of the land and the rest to be left for the greens placed the focus o...


House : 89 Adarsh

Surat, 2010

The house per say is elevated due to high flood levels of the river close by, leaving lower spaces for parking, services, home office and...

khosla associates

Orange House

Bangalore, 2012

The house designed for the Architects brother Manoviraj, his wife Vedika and daughter Ahaana, derives its form from a generous L shaped c...


Wind House

Deesa, 2014

A multi-generational family of eight asked for a straightforward house that would naturally withstand the harsh climate conditions of nor...


Tower House

Ahmedabad, 2015

Tower House is an experiment in vertical living. A typical bungalow of 400 square meters is squeezed into a footprint of 6.5 x 12.5m, for...


L House

Lapkaman, 2014

Located at the corner of three adjoining plots, this house rises from the ground, each plinth turning as it moves up, creating a volume t...


2 Square House

Ahmedabad, 2013

Two heavy cubes, connected by a bridge and sheltered by steel supported roof shades, house four bedrooms, kitchen, dining and gathering s...

khosla associates

Bellad House

Hubli, 2010

The house, conceived for Hubli businessman Arvind Bellad and his family is set amongst a one acre wooded property in north Karnataka. The...

khosla associates

Cliff House

Chowara, 2010

The house is located in Chowara, a fishing village, 30 minutes from Thiruvananthapuram, in Kerala, South India.  Perched 200 ft. abo...

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