Fotografia © Sanjeet Wahi
Fotografia © Sanjeet Wahi
Fotografia © Sanjeet Wahi
Fotografia © Sanjeet Wahi
Fotografia © Sanjeet Wahi

Tahiliani Headquarters

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708,pace city 2, Sector 37, Guragon, 122001 Gurgaon

The project aims at creating inward looking spaces around a garden, like traditional cloister, ideal for work in a calm environment. The studios and offices are suspended above the buzz of the production located at the lower floors, getting zenithal light adapted to precision work.

It will be a RCC Structure using large mushroom columns and flat slabs above them, offering beam ridden working space offices with good height. The main studio areas will get a double height space with The one side of the hall looking from below, at the hanging gardens on the either side of the courtyard. The project will use only exposed bricks for external facade giving the precinct a warm character.

The arched shape of the structure is inspired by the mughal monuments of Delhi, reinterpreted into a contemporary design. The entrance is an entre-deux created out of a vault open in the center between the 2 T shaped pillars, the logo. of the company.

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