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Leisure Resort Bhuj

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Sedata, Bhuj

A holiday residence complex with 650 bungalows, a clubhouse, restaurant, pool, spa, bistro and extensive sports facilities is going up in the Indian state of Gujarat. With sustainability in mind, and through the use of recycled materials, an area is being developed in this dry and hot region that resembles an oasis, its streets lined with date palms and lush green areas. Bungalows will be complemented by spacious, shaded outdoor spaces and will offer a high quality of stay. Construction is based on traditional Indian building techniques, reinterpreted using modern technological knowledge.

blocher partners is bringing the project to fruition together with a charitable organization – India’s Hunnarshala Foundation – which creates new perspectives for disadvantaged youth and brings know-how home to the region. In particular, the planners took the local climate into consideration and designed the structures to be highly resistant to earthquakes. All building materials are regionally available.

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