Bus station, Janmarg BRTS

Indian architecture, historically, has been an inclusive realm whereas, in recent times, public spaces are getting to be more exclusive. The larger body of our work constitutes projects that are in the public realm in an attempt to bring back this domain through the architecture. We attempt to provide equity; to make an architecture that is inclusive and gives dignity to common people. These are spaces that the most citizens encounter, visit, and inhabit. Inserted within the existing fabric, the projects draw upon experiences that are diverse and complex, yet the spaces are simple, distinct but cognizable. In today’s mobile lives, architecture becomes a platform for events and occurrences, chance meetings and social interactions. Architecture is seen not as formal construction but creation of places. There is a strong belief in the social and cultural interaction of architecture and awareness that architecture is not an autonomous profession. The built form is dependent on strong concepts manifest in simple, fluid spaces that form the spatial experience. The projects that are in a strong natural landscape develop as a dialogue with their setting, intended to fuse the inside – outside relationship into an ambiguous middle ground.

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