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Blocher Blocher India developed a new department store concept for one of India’s leading fashion retailers, Pantaloons. On two floors in the Ambience Mall in Delhi, the architects and designers created 2.600 square meters retail space offering an international shopping experience. The company stands for a fresh feeling, fresh attitude and fresh fashion for young conscious consumers.

The ambience has been inspired by Indian arts, ornaments and colours. Yet, the overall shopping experience is international because of creative applications of materials such as lacquer, glass, natural stone, wood flooring and mosaics. Blocher Blocher India created a harmonious interaction of internationality and Indian culture.

The brand’s signature green band is a central element throughout the entire store. The different sections are accentuated by the use of a variety of substrates, textures and colours and enable orientation. The oval-shaped special areas for automatic customer rotation are defined by form, flooring, ceiling and lighting. The goods are presented on light and textured wooden batten partitions. String curtains and a metal ring between the suspended wall panels enable daylight to enter the interior.

The lighting reflects the store’s image too as it balances quantity and quality of illumination – a mixture of track, downlighters, decorative and special effect lighting. It also focuses on enhancing the merchandise. Blocher Blocher India developed a design for Pantaloons’ 50th flagship store that truly lives up to the retailer’s name. A further store in Thane is under construction.

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