Flying Elephant Studio

Mango Processing Unit

Ratnagiri, 2004

Adaptive use of a self-supporting proprietary roof system eliminates the need for high maintenance structural trusses in the process hall...

Flying Elephant Studio

IIIT-B Academic Block Extension

Bangalore, 2010

Commission secured was for master planning of a 7 acre campus along with architectural design for 70,000 sq ft of additional floor space....

Flying Elephant Studio

2DC817 Studio House

Bangalore, 2001

The brief was to provide living accommodation for a family of three along with studio work-spaces, on a typical urban plot measuring 60 b...

Flying Elephant Studio

Food Processing Unit

Bagalur, 2000

Hygiene considerations for the main factory process hall design include a suspended roof cladding system, which eliminates hard to clean ...

Flying Elephant Studio

Rishi Valley School

Madanapalle, 2009

The commission was for the design of buildings to house the senior girls' hostel and teacher's residences. A central courtyard is the key...

Flying Elephant Studio

Pavilion House

Bangalore, 2012

The pavilion serves as an outhouse extension for a house on the adjacent property. Building-site ensemble is diagonally ordered , along w...

HM White

IREO Housing - Mohali

Chandigarh, 2012

With its comprehensive site public realm design, HM White has reconciled this planned multi-unit residential community’s access and...

DCOOP Architects

School of Sciences

Cuddapah, 2008

With its varied courtyards, terraces, columned halls, entries and playful movements, the School of Sciences is a journey of discovery. Th...

DCOOP Architects

Generator House

Sidheegram, 2007

This building, sitting at the entrance of a cement manufacturing plant, has been constructed to house six mammoth diesel generators. The ...

DCOOP Architects

SCL Gatehouse


Light and shadows are the key ‘materials’ in the making of this project for a cement manufacturing plant. The building houses multiple di...

DCOOP Architects

Student Hostels

Cuddapah, 2008

The student hostels buildings at the Y V University are designed keeping in mind the unique experience of living in a hostel – a decisive...

DCOOP Architects

Ensemble Office

Mumbai, 2002

This office is located in a majestic two-hundred-year old building in the heritage Fort precinct of Mumbai. Its design expresses a poetic...

DCOOP Architects

Indigo I

Mumbai, 2004

The design brief for this office housing a young software solutions company was representative of the mantras of emerging businesses: Eff...

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